Are you a traveler looking to plan your next trip? Or maybe you want to go someplace beautiful to take some time off for yourself and your family. The world is full of beautiful locations and breathtaking destinations. But how do you choose which place is the one for you? How do you decide where you want to relax or where you want to have loads of adventure? 

This article mentions the top best landscapes and why you should visit them right now. 

Vestrahorn, Iceland 

One of the most popular tourist attractions to date, standing close to fifteen hundred feet tall, is the Vestrahorn mountains over the black sand beach. The mountains are covered in snowy glaciers, making them appear almost “horny” and spiky. Nonetheless, the view is amazing. 

Luberon regional park, France

Wish to see acres of blooming lavender plants? Visit Luberon regional park in mid-july. You get to smell and experience the beauty of this landscape. Local distilleries and workshops are nearby, producing the plant’s natural oil for you to buy and take with you. 

The great barrier reef, Australia

Includes over fourteen hundred miles of reef to explore. The Great Barrier Reef is the landscape to visit for all swimmers/divers. With colorful fish swimming in the clear waters alongside the beautiful island, this is a must-visit sight to go to and enjoy with friends and family. 

Phuket island, Thailand

The historical beautiful island in Thailand is next on our list. With beautiful views and popular cultural attractions, Phuket is a must-see. It is heavily developed, so it offers several activities for tourists to enjoy with white sandy beaches and snorkeling.


As discussed, these landscapes are some of the most beautiful ones to visit. With so much to do and so little time, make it a priority to experience the excitement of at least one of these sites.