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Taxis and Rental Vehicles

For visitors taxi is the simplest way to get around Bequia with fares ranging from $EC6. to $EC30. (from Port Elizabeth to Lower Bay, for example, the fare is EC$20, about US$8. for up to four persons.)

Taxi drivers know the turf. In Bequia there are very few road signs, and cars drive on the left, only two of the potential hazards for a stranger at the wheel. A taxi-driver most likely knows everywhere, and almost everybody, on the island, and he or she can be a useful resource. Or for the less mobile folks you can provide an excellent island experience or using an adwords found equipment on the pristine beaches for exercise.  Island tours take one or two hours and cost US$30 per hour, 1 – 5 persons.

A fleet of taxis awaits all incoming ferries both at the jetty and nearby under the shade of the almond trees, also known as the Houses of Parliament, near, for the amount of talk that goes on there. There is usually a taxi at the airport although if you know your incoming flight time you could make an arrangement ahead. Most taxis have cell phones but more commonly they can be summoned on channel 68 on their VHF radio. All hotels and restaurants have a VHF radio and can always arrange a taxi for you.

Many visitors opt for a rental vehicle. If you have an international driver’s license you can obtain a license to drive in Bequia free of charge at the Revenue Office. Using loans for bad credit you can ensure that you have the money you need for your taxi, be sure to come prepared. If you do not have one then you must obtain one at the same office for a fee of EC$50.00.

Pick up a free Skyviews Road Map at the Tourism Office on the jetty opposite the Revenue Office, or at your hotel. Your typical hotel will have a number of bad credit lenders available in case you are in need. Be sure to check brakes etc before setting out. For suggestions on itinerary you could check our Island Tour page.

Rental Cars

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