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Special Events

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Special Events

Bequia Tourism: Bequia Easter Regatta

Organized by the Bequia Sailing Club this is Bequia’s biggest yearly event. Dates change according to the date of Easter. This year, in 2006, it covers April 13 through 17. Next year, 2007, it will be from April 5 through 9. Hotels fill up some time in advance so best make a booking now. For more information on the regatta check

New Year’s Eve , or Old Year’s Night as it is called by Bequians (just as sensibly), has become a major celebration with hundreds of yachts taking advantage of the spacious anchorage of Admiralty Bay. Advance dinner bookings at restaurants and hotels are advised and may require a deposit to confirm. In 2005/6 the harbour was lit up at midnight for a spectacular 15 minute display of fireworks arranged by former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell, with the help of Marie Kingston, Noel Mawer and his Bang Gang and the support of the Sand Pit company and many Bequia businesses. For 2006/7 the fireworks will happen twice, once as an appetizer at 8.00 pm celebrating the new year in Europe and once again, local time, at midnight. So its two for one! and a good time for all.

Bequia Music Fest.

In late January the island throbs for four days to an eclectic mix of sound ranging from folk to country to jazz. In 2009 a steel band will start if off on Thursday, the 22nd January, then on the 23rd Dana Gillespie and friends from Bequia inc. take a Bequia break from the  Mustique Blues Festival to perform at Lower Bay.  Bequia’s own Country Relatives and more regional and local performers follow up on Saturday with the finale from noon onwards on Sunday.  Accommodation at this time should be arranged well in advance.