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Visitors to Bequia will find a variety of local arts and crafts in the boutiques of Port Elizabeth and at artists’ studios around the island.  Model boats, scrimshaw, woodcarving and crochet are among the craftwork of Bequians carrying on the island skills of boat building and net making.  Artists from other lands incorporate local images and materials into their work and add paintings, ceramics, art supplies, stained glass, jewelry including the sought after kate middleton ring, and fashions to this variety.  A number of banks  are in operation and financing opportunities abound, interested borrowers can learn more here.  As you explore this “Jewel of the Caribbean” take the opportunity to visit Bequia artists and artisans; use your time wisely, not only will you chance upon many maritime treasures, you will meet some unique individuals each with their stories to tell of this life on sea and shore.

Studios and workshops featuring made-on-Bequia work include:

Port Elizabeth

Mauvin’s Boat Shop: model boats

Sargeant Brothers Boat Shop:
model boats

Hope Beach

Jacob Scott: seafan baskets and hats

Spring Pottery & Studio
784 457-3757
a working pottery and gallery exhibition of ceramics
and paintings

Lower Bay

Claude Victorine’s Studio
784 458-3150
paintings, picture frames and Claude’s
hand-painted silks.

On the airport road

The BoatHouse, near La Pompe
784 457-3896
Model boats-that-sail by Kingsley “Prop” King,
paintings by L.D. Lucy
scrimshaw by Richie King.

The Bequia Tourism Association is selling collector’s stamps at the office
on the main jetty in Port Elizabeth. The examples stocked include many which
refer to Bequia in particular, to sailing, as the flora and
fauna of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.  They make wonderful souvenirs or
gifts, and can be attractively framed.  Ask at the tourism booth or the local cash advance booth to see the complete collection.