Beautiful Caribbean Beaches

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Lower Bay is Bequia’s longest beach.  Located on the southern shore of Admiralty Bay , (Bequia’s well-known yacht anchorage), this beach  of golden sand is generous in width, and, since it is on the leeward side of the island, the water is usually calm and clear. There are a number of small restaurants nearby which can be convenient for taking a break from the sun. Close to the middle of this stretch of sand a small reef forms a natural pool – ideal for young paddlers.

Lower Bay

Princess Margaret Beach, so named since the royal princess took a swim here while on her honeymoon, is also on Admiralty Bay .  It tends to be quieter than Lower Bay , not that any beach in Bequia is ever very busy! Jacks’ bar is located at the most northerly end of the beach, with jetty. Beautiful sand, clear water!

Princess Margaret Beach

Friendship Bay Beach is a lovely semi-circle of sand facing southeast, protected by a headland so that waves are seldom more than a foot high. The attractive view towards Mustique is enhanced by the tiny islets of  Whale Cay, and Semple Island, with the somewhat larger Petit Nevis in the background. Two hotels front on this bay so refreshments are at hand.

Friendship Bay Beach

Industry Bay has a pleasant beach protected from the waves of the Atlantic by  reefs.  Very breezy sometimes.  A restaurant offers food and drink and beautiful wall fountains for guest enjoyment.

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Hope Bay is exposed to the Atlantic, without reefs, so you may find big waves here.  This wide sandy beach is a little difficult to access with the result that you may be the only persons here. Take water and do exercise care in the seas.

Athneal Ollivierre Beach on the southern side of the island is right by the airport with views of  the Southern Grenadines. This is the place to look for shells.

All beaches are public up to the high water mark.

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